Matthew Platshorn

Matthew has lived in Northern Nevada since 2003. He has a passion for his family, service to others, and empowering people to advocate for themselves. Matthew worked for the State of NV for 4 years, leaving to help launch a Carson City based Social Service Company in 2007, and launching a Social Action Software company in 2012. Outside of work Matthew enjoys running, spending time with his girls, and serving his church.

When he was 3 years old Matthew’s father was sentenced to 64 years in federal prison, of which he served more than 29 years. His mother was also incarcerated for just over 3 years. Matthew spent a good deal of his life visiting prisons to see his parents and coping with all of the issues that come with having a parent in prison.
Later in life Matthew himself was arrested for the first time and went to prison for just over two years. Since his release in 2012 he has been working toward making the Prison Recovery Network a reality. It is his most sincere wish to save families the heartache that he and his parents went through for so many years – and which he is ashamed to have repeated with his own family.

Matthew was recently re-married to his ex-wife, and Prison Recovery Network board member, Leslie and is a full time father to two beautiful children.