Eric Jennings

Eric Jennings’ primary interest lies in the connection between software, hardware, people, and the environment in which they live.

In 1999, he founded Loopshot, a custom software development company building web applications for small startups to 50,000 employee healthcare firms.

He then became the chief architect at MyShape, an online retail clothing startup based out of Los Angeles. He was responsible for building the initial prototype of MyShape’s patent-pending ShapeMatch matching algorithm, and then managed the architecture of MyShape’s larger software ecosystem.

He was also co-founder and CTO of ToVieFor, a part-game, part-shopping experience where customers choose the price they want to pay for current-season, luxury accessories. ToVieFor was accepted to the 2011 NYC TechStars program, won the NYU Stern School Business Plan competition, and launched at 2010 TechCrunch Disrupt.

He is now co-founder of Filament, previously known as Pinoccio, the tiny wireless hardware for makers. He designed and prototyped the Pinoccio hardware through 11 revisions, developed several sensor board designs, and helped form the integration with software portion of the Pinoccio ecosystem.

Filament is focused on building a decentralized Internet of Things stack.

Eric’s techincal background is diverse. He has over 15 years experienced in developing software and hardware. He architected Protean, a PHP web application framework on which numerous production web applications are currently implemented. Eric also has experience in design and deployment of event-driven architectures, distributed systems, and is currently digging in deep with the Node.js platform.

His other interests lie in analog synthesizers, urban homesteading and permaculture.