Alchemist Theatre

Alchemist Theatre is a 60-minute uplifting and inspirational experience featuring a wide array of music, from gospel to rock to Broadway, as well as guided meditations, and hilariously poignant motivational talks. You can catch their live shows every third Wednesday of the month at Good Luck Macbeth Theater in Midtown Reno. Each month’s show is centered on a theme, with music direction by Mark Emerson, and sermons by Reverend Levity and Reverend Divine. Learn more about live events, bookings, and their overall dream, at

The Alchemists:
Jessica Levity (Reverend Jester Levity) – Minister/Speaker
Jessica is a producer, comedian, motivational speaker, and a licensed
minister (thanks to the internet). She has a BA in Sociology and Philosophy,
with an emphasis in metaphysics, and a minor in LGBT Studies from
UW- Madison. Homeslice Productions is the umbrella company under
which she plays with her imagination. You can hear her on the radio on
100.1 The X weekdays from 10-2, and see her live on stage with The Utility
Players, Reno-Tahoe’s #1 comedy show. She is blessed with the fact that the work she is called to do is as fulfilling for others as it is for her.

Jes and Chris have been performing together for over 10 years, and have produced and starred in hundreds of original shows. After moving to Reno in 2008, she discovered the existence of metaphysical churches. From the first moment she ever heard Mark sing at Unity in 2011, she knew his voice could heal the world. Now, alongside her artistic soul-mate Chris Daniels, this trinity is truly living the life they’ve always imagined. Their dream is to spread #AlchemistMovement worldwide.

Mark Emerson – Music Director
Mark Emerson is an award winning performer, instructor, actor and New Thought singer/songwriter, currently residing in Reno. In addition to having been the Music Director at Unity Of Reno and The Holy Cross Catholic Community, he performs for numerous local and national interfaith communities. Emerson has worked with many New Thought Artists such as: Devotion, Karen Drucker, Daniel Nahmod and Faith Rivera. Having just submitted 3 new original compositions for the Empower Music and Arts Foundation, he eagerly awaits the news for yet another nomination for a Possi Music Award!

When Mark isn’t healing the soul through music, he works to nurture, strengthen and detoxify the body of his patients as a successful RMA and Homeopathic Assistant at The Gerber Medical Clinic in Reno — a place of healing and integrative medicine. Taking an Active role in healing cases from minor colds to cancer, he enjoys and is rewarded by serving in this capacity.

Christopher Daniels (Reverend Divine) – Alchemist Speaker
Chris is an emcee, motivational speaker, yoga instructor, comedian, social justice activist/advocate, and writer. Originally from Michigan, Daniels received his B.A. from UW-Madison, majoring in Psychology, with minors in Women’s Studies and
LGBT Studies. Daniels aims to bridge art, activism, and entertainment
through theater as a way to educate, inspire, motivate, and unify. Recently,
Daniels traveled to Maui to study with master yoga teachers, an
experience that has shaped his perspective greatly. Daniels’ mission is to
“Spread the Gospel of Yoga.”