Mark Helow

Mark is the Founder and Managing Partner of 10X CEO, which is the accelerated learning environment for high performing CEOs of rapidly growing companies from $50 – $500 million in sales.

The 10X environment consists of approximately 40 CEOs that have met strict qualifications based on their CEO skill (they must be in the top 10% of the population or will be shortly), their business potential, their ability to learn and apply ideas, and their willingness to bring new ideas into the 10X community.

CEOs no longer have the time to learn at the pace of their personal experience and the 10X environment uses a combination of critical thinking, decision benchmarking, peer accountability, and expert resources to dramatically shorten the learning curve for its member CEOs.

Mark has been analyzing and coaching CEOs for 25 years. At age 28, he became the youngest group leader in history for Vistage, which runs local CEO peer groups. In 1995, he founded and ran Inc. Magazine’s Eagles CEO Program, which was the CEO peer group for “Inc 500″ Companies. He has personally interviewed over 1000 “Inc 500″ companies, and through diligent study and observation, has uncovered the critical success factors for exceptional CEO performance in dynamic, high growth environments.
Mark lives in Northern Nevada and also travels to Silicon Valley, where he advises a few of the top venture firms in assessing and improving the effectiveness of their portfolio CEOs. In addition to his work, Mark is an avid golfer, skier, and runner (although slower than he used to be).